Mastère spécialisé "Defense and Security in Space" (MS DefSiS)

Ce mastère spécialisé est proposé en partenariat avec le Commandement de l'Espace, le CNES et l'ONERA

For several years, space has been experiencing a particularly important development, whether in connection with applications of daily life (telecommunication, navigation & positioning, banking transfer, Earth observation, ...) or with military operations. This strong growth does not go without raising questions related to security.

The French Air and Space Force Academy, in partnership with the French Space Command (CDE), the French Space Agency (CNES) and the French national aerospace research center ONERA,  offers you an Advanced Master® in Defense and Security in Space (AM DefSiS). This dual civilian and military high-level training (Master’s Degree) will enable graduates to demonstrate expertise in the field of space and security.

Open to students or professionals  holder of a master degree in engineering, sciences, management, law, international relations, security studies or political sciences, this training, in English, represents a total volume of 450 hours broken down into seven modules covering a wide range of topics (space mechanics, civil and military applications, geopolitics, law, crisis management, etc.). the training ends with a 4 to 6 month mission in a company.

Supported by famous organizations, industries and start-ups, it relies on the expertise of many professionals and on a dynamic program combining theoretical contributions, active teaching, serious gaming, simulation, projects and visits.

Join the unique program on defense and security in space in Europe in the prestigious french air and space force academy.

Bourses d'études 2024
Dossier de candidature 2024-2025 à déposer au plus tard le 15/04/2024 pour la session d'admission d'avril, le 13/05/2024 pour la session d'admission de mai, le 17/06/2024 pour la session d'admission de juin.
Application file 2024-2025 to be submitted before April 15th 2024 for the April admission session, May 13th for the May admission session, June 17th for the June admission session.

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